What is the Waikato Rivertones chorus all about?

It's a good question. My partner is quite puzzled as to what the allure is for me to sing each week with a bunch of other ladies. A Waikato Rivertones (WRT) alumni once said she 'came for the music, but stayed for the friendships.’ That sums it up well for me!

I've heard the chorus described variously as 'lots of fun,’ 'intense,’ 'educational,’ 'a great group of women,’ and an 'amazing sound.’ We all have different reasons for joining... a common theme from other members is that it is great ‘me time.’ 

So, if you've been thinking about joining a choir or are interested in knowing more about what being a member of this chorus actually involves, we're aiming to answer your questions with a series of regular blogs that will explain everything! Look out for more blogs soon, including how you can come try us out to see what you think.

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